Support Policies
DBI’s technical support team offers Staff Scheduler's registered customers and pre-sales evaluators the best support in the industry. Registered customers can expect friendly, efficient, timely, and high-quality responses that will help them use dbi Staff Scheduler with maximum effectiveness and success.  If you have pre-sales questions, please feel free to check the Frequently Asked Questions link or send an email to
DBI offers the following technical support options for our DBI Staff Scheduler customers and evaluators:
Plan Description Delivery Method Cost
Basic Support For product evaluation
2 business-day response
Web form / Email response Free of Charge
Standard Support For registered customers
2 business-day response
Web form / Email response Free of Charge
Per-incident Support Pre-purchased Incident
by phone 
Phone contact with DBI's Technical Support  Per incident - $49 USD
Basic (Product Evaluation)
Free “Basic” support is available to individuals who have downloaded DBI Staff Scheduler Professional for a period of 60 days from the download date. By submitting a support request form through DBI Staff Scheduler's web site at the DBI Staff Scheduler Support Page persons evaluating DBI products can expect to receive an email-response to their question within two business days.
Please Note: The “Basic” support plan is designed to offer answers to questions about DBI Staff Scheduler’s features and functionality. Evaluators of DBI Staff Scheduler may also request simple operational support to help them evaluate the suitability of the software for use in their organization. Complex issues that are representative of an advanced implementation of the software are not supported in this plan.
Standard (Registered Customers)
All registered customers of DBI Staff Scheduler are automatically enrolled in the “Standard” technical support plan. Standard support is free and available for the life of the license. By submitting a support request form through DBI Staff Scheduler's web site at the DBI Staff Scheduler Support Page, registered customers can expect to receive an email-response to their question within two business days.
Per-incident Support
Registered customers of DBI Staff Scheduler may speak directly to a DBI support technician by phone for a fee of $49 (USD) per incident.
To receive technical support by phone, call (204) 985-5770 (8:30 am - 4:30 pm (CST), Monday to Friday).

Per-incident Phone Support features include:

  • Support via phone for a single question or support issue:
  • Access to a DBI technical support engineer.
  • A support incident includes answers to questions regarding installation problems and product usage issues or explanation of error messages.
Definition of an Incident
An incident is a single support issue and the reasonable effort to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems. If a problem consists of subordinate problems, each shall be considered a separate incident. Before DBI can provide phone support for an incident, both the registered customer and DBI technical support staff must be in agreement on the definition and scope of the problem.
Closing an Incident

An incident will be considered closed and fulfilled when one or more of the following conclusions have been reached:

  • A question has been answered with a solution based on the designed features and functionality of the DBI Staff Scheduler product.
  • A question, relating to function that is beyond the scope of the DBI Staff Scheduler's design, is resolved with a work-around.
  • A question is resolved by a published update to the software or its documentation.
  • An open question has been responded to with the best-possible answer and no further research or assessment is considered possible or reasonable by DBI technical support management.

Although bringing an incident to closure may involve more than one phone call or email, you will be charged only for a single incident regardless of the number of contacts required. Multiple incidents that are reported during a single phone call will be considered separate incidents and charged accordingly.

You will be reimbursed if DBI technical support management determines that the problem is due to:

  • A “bug” or inherent defect in the in the DBI Staff Scheduler software. A “bug” is a verifiable defect in the intended design or functionality of the software. Note that features and functionality that are beyond the scope of a software’s design are not bugs. Apparent anomalous behaviour of the software can only be verified and declared as a “bug” by DBI technical support management.
  • An error in the published technical documentation for the software for which there is no published update for the documentation. Determination of documentation errors are made by DBI technical support management and are limited to contradictory or erroneous content.
Terms of Coverage
Coverage of a per-incident paid support request is for the duration of the incident until one or more of the criteria for incident closure (above) is achieved.
The price for each incident is $49 (USD). This charge will be billed to your American Express, MasterCard, or Visa credit card.
All incidents must be purchased in advance by calling DBI Technical Support (204-985-5770). After your incident(s) has been purchased and processed, you may call DBI technical support (204-985-5770) to initiate your support request.
Per-incident phone support requests are subject to schedule and availability of technical support staff. Normal hours of operation are 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST). If all technical support staff are occupied with other phone support requests or otherwise unavailable, your name and phone number will be recorded by DBI reception staff and you will be called at the earliest possible opportunity.
NOTE: DBI Reserves the right to change its support policies and services at any time without notice.

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