Scheduling staff resources should be easier than using pencil and paper or an Excel spreadsheet. Leverage your experience and that of your own staff to make sure the right resources are in the right place at the right time.  Quickly and in a straight forward, easy to use manner - with Staff Scheduler Pro v3.2!

One touch, drag and drop scheduling in the palm of your hand.  With Staff Scheduler Pro's simple setup, resource optimization and reporting features, scheduling will become a time and money saving benefit.

Built-in reporting includes:
  - 7 day and 28 day Schedules16 Standard Reports and Custom Reporting Available
  - Individual staff
  - Over-time reports
  - Exception reports
  - Daily sign in sheets
  - Staff hours
  - Position hours
  - Staff Cost
  - Staff attendance
  - Payroll
  - Scheduled vs Actual hours worked
  - Email Staff schedules
  - Labor analysis

Make the most of your staffing resources by effectively scheduling staff based on their experience and with DBI's real-time labor burden reporting, your schedules will always have the right people in the right place at the right time and on budget.
Along with having great reporting and scheduling features, Staff Scheduler is simple to set up and to use.  Once set up, there are no maintenance fees to worry about or licensing per employee.  As well as being simple and user friendly, Staff Scheduler is as portable as your notebook computer.
Are you looking to get  more out of your POS system?  Staff Scheduler Pro integrates seamlessly providing enhanced Staff and management reporting,  staff rosters, schedule and production plans with real time filtering by position, department or by staff. 

Staff Scheduler Pro is used with:
  - table management
  - credit card payment
  - security
  - kitchen management
  - meal planning
  - inventory
  - ordering systems...

Implement Staff Scheduler Pro today as an integrated module with Squirrel POS, Maitre'd and other point of sale systems. Simply install Staff Scheduler Pro and you're ready to go!
Boost Productivity and Control Labor Costs
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  The Right Resources, In the Right Places, at the Right Time 
  Windows 7 certified
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What's New
   Covers per labor hour 
     Position Wage History
     Labor Cost Analysis 
     Scheduled vs Actual Analysis 
     Print Schedules by Dept
     Enhanced Payroll Export 
  Licensed per Machine
     Any number of logon's per PC. 
     License only the number of PC's
   being used for Scheduling.
  "Staff Scheduler Pro means I can concentrate on making our food operations the best they can be.  I used to spend hours making sure staff schedules and payroll was perfect.  Now, with Staff Scheduler Pro, scheduling is done in a matter of minutes, payroll preparation takes a fraction of the time and management reports for any period of time are at my finger tips."    Colleen,
 ColPeppers Limited